Posas of Santa Fe

  • David Córdova Group
  • 10/1/21
1514 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 471-4766
The Posa family now runs two restaurants in Santa Fe, serving up everything from breakfast burritos to enchiladas, fajitas, and of course tamales.
El Merendero (Posa's) tamales are hand-made in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico using an old family recipe.
The Posa family has supplied their original Tamales and other specialties to restaurants and markets throughout Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico for over 30 years. Long before the area became internationally famous for its style & cuisine.
Making tamales has always been a family tradition in Santa Fe. Although simple in concept, making tamales is very time-consuming. However, since it also served as a social time for family and friends, the hours passed quickly.
Posa's tamales begin the old-fashioned way with white corn (posole), which is cooked, ground up, and mixed into a dough called masa. The masa is filled with select mixtures of pork, chicken, cheese, and of course red or green chile. A corn husk is wrapped around the tamale and it is then wrapped in parchment and steamed.
Tamales that aren't immediately delivered to restaurants are quickly refrigerated or frozen for delivery.



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