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  • 08/22/21

19 B Pinon Jay Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 660-9599
McCumber Fine Gardens is a full-service landscaping company in Santa Fe, NM. We are experienced in landscape design, installation, irrigation, garden maintenance, and stonework in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.
We would be happy to talk with you and help you in any way that we can. We have many references available upon request. Please feel free to call (505) 660-9599 or Email Us.
We are a small local landscaping company built from the ground up starting in 1995, operating on a very personal level with our clients so that we maintain the quality of our work while customizing our services to the needs and wishes of each client and property. As landscape contractors, we are a full-service landscape company in Santa Fe, New Mexico with expertise in stonework, irrigation, all kinds of garden plants, and maintenance.
Our installation crew consists of talented and experienced masons who have chosen their trade as an art. We have had the opportunity to build many gardens from the ground up, from simple to large and elegant. Other times we have redesigned and reworked spaces to update and improve them. This crew is very attentive to detail and can create any kind of flagstone patios and rock terraces that a design calls for.
We have had the privilege of installing many Santa Fe gardens, from classic to xeric looks including features such as gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces, and many kinds of water features, always complimented by an appropriate plant pallet and often container gardens as well. Our landscaping company is very interested in working with xeric design, water harvesting, and organic gardens.
Our landscaping maintenance crew is a small crew of individuals who have been with me for many years. They are true gardeners and were attracted to this line of work by the desire to work with plants. While much of landscape maintenance is labor, it requires constant attention to plant health and pruning techniques for a garden to really thrive, and particularly to carry through the season after the initial spring show. Many years of experience and observation have led me to develop planting, fertilizing, and pest control techniques that assure that gardens look great throughout the growing season.
Irrigation is another constant and crucial part of landscape maintenance and in actuality requires a license to install and maintain systems. Many of our new irrigation systems include water harvesting cisterns. Our crew is trained to constantly monitor the systems for leaks and troubles, as well as to keep tabs on all timer adjustments according to seasonal weather conditions that require changes in timings. As my gardeners are trained to monitor plant health, irrigation monitoring comes naturally as too much or too little water is one of the main reasons that plants fail to thrive.
As well as keeping a constant eye on the plants, our crew is trained to keep a constant eye on all details, from blowing and sweeping corners to removing cobwebs from shrubs, details that I have seen many other gardeners overlook. The members of our maintenance crew speak English and are always available to communicate with clients.
Unlike many small businesses, we do not mix the gardening crew and the stonemasons, they are very different job descriptions and require a completely different set of skills. We believe in only putting people on tasks where their strengths are. But the fact that we are both a full-service business and a small business means that our landscaping supervisors are in close contact with the gardens of our current and past installations as well as other beautiful properties that we have the pleasure of maintaining.
As the summer progresses each year, many gardens start to pass their peak right at the height of tourist season and the magical days of Santa Fe summers. Our gardens, including the public one at the Inn of the Governors, go stronger and stronger until late into the fall. If you are thinking of upgrading your garden or the quality of your maintenance service, please visit our flowers at the Inn of the Governors or check out my website.



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